Clash Investment

  November 2017

In Clash Investment, players are supposed to collect the most gold. Gold is accumulated by exploring the map to collect resources, conquering enemy encounters, or stealing resources from other players and then depositing your gathered resources in the bank for the corresponding gold value. Try to impede other players while reaping rewards across the board.

Clash Investment was developed by 5 students. Clash investment was played online on Roll 20 it was a  fun game to design/ play. The players start in the middle and the further the venture out the better chance they have of getting more gold. They also have a better chance of losing it all. The other players get to put a monster token anywhere on the board. Halfway through the game, the instructor pulled 2  of our mechanics and we had to add 2  new ones which changed the game. 

During this project I Developed the following skills.

  • Playtesting this was my main role which meant I  had to try and break the game.  Of course, I worked on everything else. On my free time, I had to get people together and test this game over and over. 

  • Learning about board games since I wasn't much of a board game player. 

  • Balancing the game this game changed drastically from the first day of planning. 

  • Adding fun mechanics. I felt like this was harder to do on board games. 

  • Redesigning. 

  • Team Charter

  • Game Design Document 


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