Interplanetary Zoo Life

     May 2017

a cross between a business management simulator and an adventuring and crafting game

Interplanetary Zoo Life was developed by a  group of 5 students. We had to come up with a  game idea using the video you see at the begging of the video. First, we had to come up with an idea which took up a lot of our time because we could have gone so many different ways with the video we got. We could have gone the generic way with an alien game. As a team we wanted it to be an original idea. The second thing we had to do was a lot of research. This is all the time with the industry changing all the time we had to see if this idea would actually sell. 

During this project I Developed the following skills.

  • Work alongside 4 other people with their own opinions/ ideas.

  • Time Management where this was my biggest role in this class. I filled out our calendar, made sure we didn't go off topic a lot and made sure we got through everything that was on our agenda for that day. With this being a time sensitive project these 3 things were vital to the project. 

  • Team Charter which is a contract that I will do the work I promised to do.

  • Research had to figure out what was worth reading and what wasn't.

  • Scribe 


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