June 2017 - July 2017 

Please skip to time stamp 5:30

Scraps was developed by 5 students.  The first month I had to create 1 level make it balance and work correctly. The second month we was surprised with having to put our very different levels together to make one big level. Doing this we had to readjust  all levels to flow together. This means we had to tear our months work apart redesign and fix whatever brakes.  We had alot of lag at the  begging  so we had to remove/ fix whatever the issue was.  


During this project I Developed the following skills.

  • Lots and lots of bug fixing. 

  • making very different levels flow. 

  • Handle someone that  didn't do any working in a professional way. 

  • Constructive criticism this is a big one. I had to learn how to take  it and how to give it.  

  • Insures that all sound effects, music and other audio components are consistent throughout levels and high quality.

  • First Level of contact for issues regarding inconsistency with audio components within game.

  • Provide resources for audio sources for other team members, if required.

  • Second level of contact for issues regarding player feedback, along with Art, and Systems Leads.


T: (724)-961-3987

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