Frikin The Laser Shark

       May 2018 - Current 

Frikin the Laser Shark is a 2D bullet hell side-scrolling underwater platformer. Frikin is just your ordinary tiger shark with an every day laser strapped to his head. You know, it's a tail as old as time. The game consists of 8 worlds to complete, all with different themes and unique bosses in each world. The worlds contain 3 levels filled with deadly hazards, enemies and a mini-boss lurking somewhere in its depths. That means there are 8 mini bosses and 9 bosses! Wait, 9 bosses? Yeah, the final boss is too grand for it to be inside of a world, so he gets his own area where you have to battle him. The game also contains multiple weapons to collect along your journey.

This whole project started as our capstone project back in May 2018 where we had to make a base game in four months. We ended up with a skeleton of the game we currently have today. After we graduated, we decided we wanted to take Frikin the Laser Shark to a Steam release so we stayed together to complete the project.

During this project I Developed the following skills.

  • Learn how to make a 2D game. We were only taught 3D. 

  • The timing,trigger and programmed the dialogue for the player.

  • Squid Enemy, Surgeon Fish, and a couple other enemies. 

  • Audio added into unity 

  • Tile mapping. (Before we updated to a different unity version that offers tile map I had to place piece by piece).

  • User Interface - Pause screen & Main Menu 

  • Pro builder - level blockouts 

  •  Level design, enemy placement. and  hazard placement.

  •  Bug Fixes 

  • Playtesting and game balancing

  • Added Art into unity.    

Tile Mapping a new Level. 

Video Edited by: Josh Neese

UI Work I have done
pause menu.PNG
Levels I have worked on.